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A process and system monitoring library for Rust, heavily inspired by the psutil module for Python.

Minimum versions supported

  • Linux: 2.6.0 (2003-12-17)

Note about the API

rust-psutil implements the same API as psutil with some exceptions:

  • some things have been slightly renamed
  • the crate is namespaced based on subsystem, e.g. cpu::cpu_percent()
    • users can opt into which subsystems to use based on cargo feature flags
  • some functions have been refactored
    • e.g. cpu_count(bool) into cpu_count() and cpu_count_physical()
  • functions that need to persist data between calls are implemented as methods on ‘collectors’
    • e.g. cpu_percent() -> CpuPercentCollector::cpu_percent()
  • platform specific functionality is hidden behind traits that need to be imported before used
    • e.g. import cpu::os::linux::ProcessExt to use Linux specific process functionality
  • some types are different, for example:
    • structs instead of named tuples
    • std::time::Duration instead of float for seconds
    • enums instead of constants
  • most struct fields have been replaced with getter methods to better enable platform based extensions




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