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Library to read and write protocol buffers data


This crate has one feature, which is with-bytes.

with-bytes enables protobuf crate support for bytes crate: when parsing bytes or strings from bytes::Bytes, protobuf will be able to reference the input instead of allocating subarrays.

Note, codegen also need to be instructed to generate Bytes or Chars for bytes or string protobuf types instead of default Vec<u8> or String, just enabling option on this crate is not enough.

See Customize struct in protobuf-codegen crate.

Accompanying crates

  • protobuf-json-mapping implements JSON parsing and serialization for protobuf messages.
  • protobuf-codegen can be used to rust code from .proto crates.
  • protoc-bin-vendored contains protoc command packed into the crate.
  • protobuf-parse contains .proto file parser. Rarely need to be used directly, but can be used for mechanical processing of .proto files.


Generated file from google/protobuf/descriptor.proto

Utilities to support “extension” fields.

Generated file from google/protobuf/compiler/plugin.proto

Reflection implementation for protobuf data

Functions and types used by generated protobuf code

Generated file from rustproto.proto

Protobuf “text format” implementation.

Generated code for “well known types”


Thin wrapper around Bytes which guarantees that bytes are valid UTF-8 string. Should be API-compatible to String.

Buffered read with handy utilities.

Buffered write with handy utilities

Protobuf enums with possibly unknown values are preserved in this struct.

Error type for protobuf operations.

Wrapper around Option<Box<T>>, convenient newtype.

Special fields included in each generated message.

Hold “unknown” fields in parsed message.


Unknown value.

Reference to unknown value.


protobuf crate version

This symbol can be referenced to assert that proper version of crate is used


Trait implemented by all protobuf enum types.

Trait is implemented for all enum types if lite runtime is not requested.

Trait which is implemented by all generated message.

Dynamic-dispatch version of either generated message or dynamic message.

Trait implemented for all the generated messages, except when lite runtime is enabled.

Trait implemented by all oneof types in generated code.

Implemented by all oneof types when lite runtime is not enabled.

Type Definitions

Result alias for Error.