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A prost toolkit to build protobuf with serde support.

Usually when we define our protobuf messages, we hope some of the generated data structures have good serde support. Fortunately serde-build has that capability - you can create a config with prost_build::Config::new() and and then set proper attributes for type or field. For exmaple, you can add serde support for this structure by using:

config.type_attribute("package.RequestPing", "#[derive(serde::Serialize, serde::Deserialize)]");
config.type_attribute("package.RequestPing", "#[serde(default)]");

and you will get this generated code:

#[derive(serde::Serialize, serde::Deserialize)]
#[derive(Clone, PartialEq, ::prost::Message)]
pub struct RequestPing {
    #[prost(string, tag = "1")]
    pub ping: ::prost::alloc::string::String,

This crate helps to simplify this build script by using a predefined build configuration.

Getting started

First of all, you shall create a JSON file which contains configuration for the builder. You can get a copy of a default JSON file from: default_build_config.json. See an example of build_config.json. Please add the proto files, proto includes, output dir, and the data structure or field you want to add the desired attributes. Then you could use it in:

use prost_serde::build_with_serde;

fn main() {
    let json = include_str!("../examples/build_config.json");



Build the protobuf files with the build opts provided by a JSON string.