Struct proptest::test_runner::TestRunner [] [src]

pub struct TestRunner { /* fields omitted */ }

State used when running a proptest test.


impl TestRunner

Create a fresh TestRunner with the given configuration.

Returns the RNG for this test run.

Returns the configuration of this runner.

Run test cases against f, choosing inputs via strategy.

If any failure cases occur, try to find a minimal failure case and report that. If invoking f panics, the panic is turned into a TestCaseError::Fail.

Returns success or failure indicating why the test as a whole failed.

Run one specific test case against this runner.

If the test fails, finds the minimal failing test case. If the test does not fail, returns whether it succeeded or was filtered out.

Update the state to account for a local rejection from whence, and return Ok if the caller should keep going or Err to abort.

Increment the counter of flat map regenerations and return whether it is still under the configured limit.

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for TestRunner

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impl Debug for TestRunner

Formats the value using the given formatter.

impl Display for TestRunner

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