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This crate allows one to parse PromQL query into some AST.

See official documentation for query syntax description.


use promql::*;

let ast = parse(b"
	sum(1 - something_used{env=\"production\"} / something_total) by (instance)
	and ignoring (instance)
	sum(rate(some_queries{instance=~\"localhost\\\\d+\"} [5m])) > 100
", false).unwrap(); // or show user that their query is invalid

// now we can look for all sorts of things

// AST can represent an operator
if let Node::Operator { x, op: Op::And(op_mod), y } = ast {
	// operators can have modifiers
	assert_eq!(op_mod, Some(OpMod {
		action: OpModAction::Ignore,
		labels: vec!["instance".to_string()],
		group: None,

	// aggregation functions like sum are represented as functions with optional modifiers (`by (label1, …)`/`without (…)`)
	if let Node::Function { ref name, ref aggregation, ref args } = *x {
		assert_eq!(*name, "sum".to_string());
		assert_eq!(*aggregation, Some(AggregationMod {
			action: AggregationAction::By,
			labels: vec!["instance".to_string()],

		// …
} else {
	panic!("top operator is not an \"and\"");



Single label filter.

Vector grouping operator modifier (group_left(…)/group_right(…)).

Vector matching operator modifier (on (…)/ignoring (…)).

This struct represents both instant and range vectors.


Label filter operators.

AST node.

PromQL operators


Parse expression string into an AST.