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Target specific configuration

For debugging and flashing different chips, called target in probe-rs, some target specific configuration is required. This includes the architecture of the chip, e.g. RISC-V or ARM, and information about the memory map of the target, which can be used together with a flash algorithm to program the flash memory of a target.

§Built-in targets

The built-in targets are added at build-time, from the script. They are generated from the target files in the targets/ subfolder of this crate.

The built-in targets can be disabled by not including the builtin-targets feature.

§Adding targets at runtime

To add a target at runtime, the add_target_from_yaml function can be used to read targets from a YAML file.


  • Target-specific debug sequence implementations.


  • A single chip variant.
  • This describes a chip family with all its variants.
  • An individual core inside a chip
  • Properties of flash memory, which are used when programming Flash memory.
  • Represents a generic region.
  • Represents a region in non-volatile memory (e.g. flash or EEPROM).
  • Holds information about a page in flash.
  • Represents a region in RAM.
  • The raw flash algorithm is the description of a flash algorithm, and is usually read from a target description file.
  • Represents a DAP scan chain element.
  • Information about a group of flash sectors, which is used as part of the FlashProperties struct.
  • Holds information about a specific, individual flash sector.
  • This describes a complete target with a fixed chip model and variant.



  • Enables the user to do range intersection testing.


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