[][src]Struct probe_rs::Session

pub struct Session { /* fields omitted */ }


impl Session[src]

pub fn new(
    probe: Probe,
    target: impl Into<TargetSelector>,
    attach_method: AttachMethod
) -> Result<Self, Error>

Open a new session with a given debug target

pub fn auto_attach(target: impl Into<TargetSelector>) -> Result<Session, Error>[src]

Automatically creates a session with the first connected probe found.

pub fn list_cores(&self) -> Vec<(usize, CoreType)>[src]

Lists the available cores with their number and their type.

pub fn core(&mut self, n: usize) -> Result<Core<'_>, Error>[src]

Attaches to the core with the given number.

pub fn read_swo(&mut self) -> Result<Vec<u8>, Error>[src]

pub fn get_arm_interface(
    &mut self
) -> Result<&mut Box<dyn ArmProbeInterface>, Error>

pub fn get_arm_component(&mut self) -> Result<Component, Error>[src]

pub fn setup_swv(&mut self, config: &SwoConfig) -> Result<(), Error>[src]

Configure the target and probe for serial wire view (SWV) tracing.

pub fn disable_swv(&mut self) -> Result<(), Error>[src]

Configure the target to stop emitting SWV trace data.

pub fn add_swv_data_trace(
    &mut self,
    unit: usize,
    address: u32
) -> Result<(), Error>

Begin tracing a memory address over SWV.

pub fn remove_swv_data_trace(&mut self, unit: usize) -> Result<(), Error>[src]

Stop tracing from a given SWV unit

pub fn memory_map(&self) -> &[MemoryRegion][src]

Returns the memory map of the target.

pub fn architecture(&self) -> Architecture[src]

Return the Architecture of the currently connected chip.

pub fn clear_all_hw_breakpoints(&mut self) -> Result<(), Error>[src]

Clears all hardware breakpoints on all cores

Trait Implementations

impl Debug for Session[src]

impl Drop for Session[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl !RefUnwindSafe for Session

impl !Send for Session

impl !Sync for Session

impl Unpin for Session

impl !UnwindSafe for Session

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