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PrivateBox provides a small and easy to use API to encrypt your data. It is meant to do one thing, be a simple wrapper and validator around the RustCrypto XChaCha20Poly1305 AEAD encryption algorithm.

PrivateBox is inspired/based off of Cocoon. PrivateBox is meant to be a smaller API, more flexible with associated data, and uses XChaCha for random nonces.

Generating a key

The examples just use array generation for the key to keep the code duplication down. However, keys should be random or pseudo-random (aka derived from something like a password).


use rand_core::{OsRng, RngCore};

let mut key = [0u8; 32];
OsRng.fill_bytes(&mut key);

Detached Encryption/Decryption

The PrivateBox::encrypt_detached/PrivateBox::decrypt_detached methods compute in place to avoid re-allocations. It returns a prefix (the nonce and tag) that is used for decryption. This is suitable for a no_std build, when you want to avoid re-allocations of data, and if you want to manage serialization yourself.


let mut privatebox = PrivateBox::new(&[1;32], OsRng); 

let mut message = *b"secret data";
let assoc_data = *b"plain text";

let detached_prefix = privatebox.encrypt_detached(&mut message, &assoc_data)?;
assert_ne!(&message, b"secret data");

privatebox.decrypt_detached(&mut message, &assoc_data, &detached_prefix)?;
assert_eq!(&message, b"secret data");

PrivateBox Container

The PrivateBox::encrypt/PrivateBox::decrypt methods handle serialization for you and returns a container. It enables the use of both attached associated data and detached associated data. It is much simpler to use than detached encryption/decryption. It uses the alloc feature (enabled by default).


let mut privatebox = PrivateBox::new(&[1; 32], OsRng);
let header = &[5, 4, 3, 2];
let metadata = &[3, 3, 3];
let wrapped = privatebox.encrypt(b"secret data", header, metadata).expect("encrypt");
let (message, authenticated_header) = privatebox.decrypt(&wrapped, metadata).expect("decrypt");
assert_eq!(message, b"secret data");
assert_eq!(&authenticated_header, header);



A wrapper around XChaChaPoly1305 for convenient encryption



Error variants provided by the PrivateBox API



Size of encryption key


Max size of message and header byte array


Size of XChaCha nonce


Size of detached prefix


Size of authentication tag