[][src]Function primal_check::miller_rabin

pub fn miller_rabin(n: u64) -> bool

Test if n is prime, using the deterministic version of the Miller-Rabin test.

Doing a lot of primality tests with numbers strictly below some upper bound will be faster using the is_prime method of a Sieve instance.


assert_eq!(primal::is_prime(1), false);
assert_eq!(primal::is_prime(2), true);
assert_eq!(primal::is_prime(3), true);
assert_eq!(primal::is_prime(4), false);
assert_eq!(primal::is_prime(5), true);

assert_eq!(primal::is_prime(22_801_763_487), false);
assert_eq!(primal::is_prime(22_801_763_489), true);
assert_eq!(primal::is_prime(22_801_763_491), false);