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power_protobuf is a proc-macro to let you write protobuf in rust source code directly like this way!:

protobuf! {
  syntax = "proto3";

  package helloworld;

  option java_multiple_files = true;
  option java_package = "io.grpc.examples.helloworld";
  option java_outer_classname = "HelloWorldProto";

  // The greeting service definition.
  service Greeter {
    // Sends a greeting
    rpc SayHello ({
      // 'simplize_rpc_params' feature simplize to define Request/Response messages for rpc
      string name
    }) returns (HelloReply) {}

  // The response message containing the greetings
  message HelloReply {
    string message // 'tagless' feature omit to assign tag number at design stage, it will do auto-increment as by refering previous number


§support proto2 and proto3 both

both protobuf version (2 to 3 yet) has been supported.

protobuf! also allows you not to declare the version explicitly, it will parse as proto3 syntax by default.

§translates package name as inner mod for rust

package will be generated into a rust mod in current source file if you define it. And by opposite, it expand to current place as not deinfed.

§support tagless

use protobuf! you can write protocol like this:

message A {
  int32 field1,
  string field2,

  repeated string field10 = 10,
  string field11
  sfix32 field12

the tags of field1, field2, field11, field12 will be assign as ‘1’, ‘2’, ‘11’, ‘12’ automatically.

§support to define rpc request/response message types directly

defines Request and Response message types for multiple rpc methods would be a redundant work for sometime.

protobuf! provides an option to simplize this:

  service Greeter {
    rpc SayHello ({
      string name
    }) returns (HelloReply) {}

message SayHelloRequest will be generated as fields defined in {}. the type name for request/response combines rpc name and suffix(Request/Response) in upper camel case.

§support type reference cross multiple .rs files

protobuf! let’s you easy to use external types in other protobuf definitions. it will check the type of fields by reading corresponding .rs files.

FIXME: more details will be introduced in this doc later.

§support tonic grpc stack

enable feature impl_prost to expand codes using prost/tonic stack.

the impl_prost feature is enabled defaultly.

§current state

proto2 and proto3 syntaxDone
free request/response param typeDone
support prostPartly
support rust-protobufNot yet
stream supportNot yet