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OpenType glyph rendering.

  • Render glyph outlines into coverage bitmaps.
  • Place glyphs at subpixel offsets and scale them to subpixel sizes. This is important if you plan to render more than a single glyph since inter-glyph spacing will look off if every glyph origin must be pixel-aligned.
  • No font data structure you have to store somewhere. Just owned glyphs which you can load individually from a font, cache if you care about performance, and then render at any size.
  • No unsafe code.

Note on text: This library does not provide any capabilities to map text/characters to glyph ids. Instead, you should use a proper shaping library (like rustybuzz) to do this step. This will take care of proper glyph positioning, ligatures and more.

Note on emojis: This library only supports normal outlines. How to best render bitmap, SVG and colored glyphs depends very much on your rendering environment.


  • The result of rasterizing a glyph.
  • A loaded glyph that is ready for rendering.