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Window storage and interfacing traits.

The Window trait is the minimum interface required for event loop. All backends usually support this trait.

The AdvancedWindow trait is the maximum interface that can be provided, while still staying consistent between backends. Not all backends implement AdvancedWindow; check your backend’s documentation to see whether it implements this trait.

The WindowSettings structure is the preferred way of building new windows in Piston. It uses the BuildFromWindowSettings trait, which backends implement to handle window creation and setup.

The OpenGLWindow trait is used to provide low-level access to OpenGL through the abstract Piston API.

The Size structure is used throughout Piston to store window sizes. It implements some conversion traits for convenience.


Stores graphics API version.

A window without user interface, often used in server event loops.

Structure to store the window position.

Structure to store the window size.

An error for when a graphics API is unsupported.

Settings structure for window behavior.


Trait representing a window with the most features that are still generic.

Constructs a window from a WindowSettings object.

Trait for OpenGL specific operations on a window.

Trait representing the minimum requirements for defining a window.

Type Definitions

The type of an OpenGL function address.