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Downloads Pico Technology oscilloscope drivers.

This is a sub crate that you probably don’t want to use directly. Try the top level pico-sdk crate which exposes everything from here.

This helper crate allows the distribution of software that can communicate with every Pico oscilloscope without the need to ship every driver binary.

Supported platforms:

  • Windows (32 or 64 bit)
  • macOS (64 bit)
  • Linux (64 bit or ARM for Raspberry Pi)

All binaries are stored in Amazon AWS S3 storage and can be browsed here.

Some of these binaries have been modified using install_name_tool or rpath after download from the Pico website which allows them to be loaded dynamically from non-standard paths. Pico singing certificates remain.

File hashes are validated after download to ensure the hosted files have not been tampered with. These hashes are generated using the generate-hashes example.

download_drivers_to_cache() downloads the passed drivers and their dependencies and cache_resolution() returns a Resolution that can be used to resolve the downloaded binaries.

let enumerator = DeviceEnumerator::with_resolution(cache_resolution());





Gets a Resolution that points to the download cache location


Downloads the requested drivers and any dependencies to the supplied path.


Downloads the requested drivers and any dependencies to the cache location.