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PicoDevice implementation for Pico Technology oscilloscope drivers.

This is a sub crate that you probably don’t want to use directly. Try the top level pico-sdk crate which exposes everything from here.

When a PicoDevice is created, it is opened, its channels and capabilities are automatically detected and then it is closed.


use pico_common::Driver;
use pico_driver::LoadDriverExt;
use pico_device::PicoDevice;

// Load the required driver
let driver = Driver::PS2000.try_load()?;

// Try and open the first available ps2000 device
let device1 = PicoDevice::try_open(&driver, None)?;

// Try and open devices by serial
let device2 = PicoDevice::try_open(&driver, Some("ABC/123"))?;
let device3 = PicoDevice::try_open(&driver, Some("ABC/987"))?;



Base Pico device

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