[][src]Struct pic8259_simple::ChainedPics

pub struct ChainedPics { /* fields omitted */ }

A pair of chained PIC controllers. This is the standard setup on x86.


impl ChainedPics[src]

pub const unsafe fn new(offset1: u8, offset2: u8) -> ChainedPics[src]

Create a new interface for the standard PIC1 and PIC2 controllers, specifying the desired interrupt offsets.

pub unsafe fn initialize(&mut self)[src]

Initialize both our PICs. We initialize them together, at the same time, because it's traditional to do so, and because I/O operations might not be instantaneous on older processors.

pub fn handles_interrupt(&self, interrupt_id: u8) -> bool[src]

Do we handle this interrupt?

pub unsafe fn notify_end_of_interrupt(&mut self, interrupt_id: u8)[src]

Figure out which (if any) PICs in our chain need to know about this interrupt. This is tricky, because all interrupts from pics[1] get chained through pics[0].

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