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The intention of this crate is to provide optics for accessing and updating inner fields of nested immutable data structures (containers) in a convenient, efficient, functional, and Rust-friendly manner.

Although photonix was inspired by functional lens libraries, it takes a different approach. Instead of actual lenses with get and set (and modify) methods, here you have single-method type classes that provide flexibility in usage, and let the target data structures become their own lenses, which will obey the lens laws.

This approach has some consequences. First of all, you won't need to store lens objects in memory. Second, in order to have the functionality, you won’t need to define and handle closures. Third, composition is achieved in a different way compared to traditional lenses (which rely on function composition).

The composition feature is provided by additional traits defined in the composites module. By using composite traits, you can reach several levels deep in the implementing data structure. These traits have default implementation, so if you want to use them, all you need to do is write an empty impl block (or use the zoom! or zoom_all! macro).

The real power of photonix, however, lies in its metaprogramming features. The crate comes with auto-derives (photonix_derive) for most of the base traits it defines. The implementations of the auto-derives avoid cloning data by default. Furthermore, the zoom! and zoom_all! macros can help you get the implementation of multiple composite traits in a concise, straightforward, and readable way.


A quick example (inspired by Monocle).

 // We have a complex data structure

 #[derive(Get, GetRef, Set, Modify)]
 pub struct Employee { pub name: String, pub company: Company }

 #[derive(Get, GetRef, Set, Modify)]
 pub struct Company { pub name: String, pub address: Address }

 #[derive(Get, GetRef, Set, Modify)]
 pub struct Address { pub city: String, pub street: Street }

 #[derive(Get, GetRef, Set, Modify)]
 pub struct Street { pub number: u16, pub name: String }

 // We create an immutable variable

 let john = Employee {                               // Parent type
     name: String::from("john"),
     company: Company {                              // Level 1
         name: String::from("awesome inc"),
         address: Address {                          // Level 2
             city: String::from("london"),
             street: Street {                        // Level 3
                 number: 23,
                 name: String::from("high street"),  // Level 4

 // Using zoom_all! is going to combine the derived Set, Get, GetRef, and Modify of each level

 zoom_all![Employee => Company => Address => Street => String];

 // Let's change the name of the street, which is at the fourth level

 let john_at_low_street = john.set_fourth(String::from("low street"));

 // We can retrieve the info by reference

     "low street",

 // With modify, we can apply a function to the target field

 let john_at_high_again =
     john_at_low_street.modify_fourth(|street_name| street_name.replace("low", "high"));

 // We can retrieve the info by value as well

     "high street",


pub use focus::*;
pub use focus::composites::*;
pub use implementations::*;



Type classes for getters and setters.


Relevant optics type class instances for common types (currently for Option only).



Auto-implements composites of setters and modifiers.


Auto-implements different composites of getters, setters, and modifiers.