[][src]Struct pfly_rust::PflyIpcData

pub struct PflyIpcData {
    pub altitude: i32,
    pub agl: i32,
    pub groundspeed: i32,
    pub ias: i32,
    pub headingTrue: i32,
    pub headingMagnetic: i32,
    pub latitude: f64,
    pub longitude: f64,
    pub verticalSpeed: i32,
    pub landingVerticalSpeed: i32,
    pub gForce: i32,
    pub fuel: i32,
    pub transponder: i32,
    pub bridgeType: u8,
    pub isOnGround: bool,
    pub isSlew: bool,
    pub isPaused: bool,
    pub pitch: i32,
    pub roll: i32,
    pub time: i32,
    pub fps: i32,
    pub aircraftType: &'static str,

Structure of data that projectFly expects over it's X-Plane IPC connection.

As found in /src/app/providers/flightsim.service.ts of the projectFly source.


altitude: i32agl: i32groundspeed: i32ias: i32headingTrue: i32headingMagnetic: i32latitude: f64longitude: f64verticalSpeed: i32landingVerticalSpeed: i32gForce: i32fuel: i32transponder: i32bridgeType: u8isOnGround: boolisSlew: boolisPaused: boolpitch: i32roll: i32time: i32fps: i32aircraftType: &'static str

Trait Implementations

impl Serialize for PflyIpcData[src]

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