Trait petgraph::IntoWeightedEdge [] [src]

pub trait IntoWeightedEdge<E> {
    type NodeId;
    fn into_weighted_edge(self) -> (Self::NodeId, Self::NodeId, E);

Convert an element like (i, j) or (i, j, w) into a triple of source, target, edge weight.

For Graph::from_edges and GraphMap::from_edges.

Associated Types

Required Methods

Implementations on Foreign Types

impl<Ix, E> IntoWeightedEdge<E> for (Ix, Ix) where
    E: Default


impl<Ix, E> IntoWeightedEdge<E> for (Ix, Ix, E)


impl<'a, Ix, E> IntoWeightedEdge<E> for (Ix, Ix, &'a E) where
    E: Clone