[][src]Struct pes::images::IMAGE_DOS_HEADER

#[repr(C)]pub struct IMAGE_DOS_HEADER {
    pub e_magic: u16,
    pub e_cblp: u16,
    pub e_cp: u16,
    pub e_crlc: u16,
    pub e_cparhdr: u16,
    pub e_minalloc: u16,
    pub e_maxalloc: u16,
    pub e_ss: u16,
    pub e_sp: u16,
    pub e_csum: u16,
    pub e_ip: u16,
    pub e_cs: u16,
    pub e_lfarlc: u16,
    pub e_ovno: u16,
    pub e_res: [u16; 4],
    pub e_oemid: u16,
    pub e_oeminfo: u16,
    pub e_res2: [u16; 10],
    pub e_lfanew: u32,


e_magic: u16e_cblp: u16e_cp: u16e_crlc: u16e_cparhdr: u16e_minalloc: u16e_maxalloc: u16e_ss: u16e_sp: u16e_csum: u16e_ip: u16e_cs: u16e_lfarlc: u16e_ovno: u16e_res: [u16; 4]e_oemid: u16e_oeminfo: u16e_res2: [u16; 10]e_lfanew: u32

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for IMAGE_DOS_HEADER[src]

impl Copy for IMAGE_DOS_HEADER[src]

impl Debug for IMAGE_DOS_HEADER[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

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