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Perseus is a blazingly fast frontend web development framework built in Rust with support for generating page state at build-time, request-time, incrementally, or whatever you’d like! It supports reactivity using Sycamore, and builds on it to provide a fully-fledged framework for developing modern apps.

  • 📕 Supports static generation (serving only static resources)
  • 🗼 Supports server-side rendering (serving dynamic resources)
  • 🔧 Supports revalidation after time and/or with custom logic (updating rendered pages)
  • 🛠️ Supports incremental regeneration (build on demand)
  • 🏭 Open build matrix (use any rendering strategy with anything else)
  • 🖥️ CLI harness that lets you build apps with ease and confidence
  • 🌐 Full i18n support out-of-the-box with Fluent
  • 🏎 Lighthouse scores of 100 on desktop and over 95 on mobile
  • ⚡ Support for hot state reloading (reload your entire app’s state after you make any code changes in development, Perseus is the only framework in the world that can do this, to our knowledge)

What’s it like?

Here’s a taste of Perseus (see the tiny example for more):

use perseus::prelude::*;
use sycamore::prelude::*;

pub fn main<G: Html>() -> PerseusApp<G> {
                .view(|cx| {
                    view! { cx,
                        p { "Hello World!" }

Check out the book to learn how to turn that into your next app!

Quick start

If you want to start working with Perseus right away, run the following commands and you’ll have a basic app ready in no time! (Or, more accurately, after Cargo compiles everything…)

cargo install perseus-cli
perseus new my-app
cd my-app/
perseus serve -w

Then, hop over to http://localhost:8080 and see a placeholder app, in all its glory! If you change some code, that’ll automatically update, reloading the browser all by itself. (This rebuilding might take a while though, see here for how to speed things up.)


Support every major rendering strategy and provide developers the ability to efficiently create super-fast apps with Rust and a fantastic developer experience!


There is a sore lack of Rust frameworks for frontend development that support more than just SPAs and client-side rendering, and so Perseus was born. We need something like NextJS for Wasm. But why stop there?


We appreciate all kinds of contributions, check out our contributing guidelines for more information! Also, please be sure to follow our code of conduct.

You can also chat about Perseus on our channel on Sycamore’s Discord server.

Perseus wouldn’t be posible without the hard work of all these wonderful people!




This is the API documentation for the perseus-warp package, which allows Perseus apps to run on Warp. Note that Perseus mostly uses the book for documentation, and this should mostly be used as a secondary reference source. You can also find full usage examples here.


  • A Warp filter for extracting an HTTP request directly, which is slightly different to how the Actix Web integration handles this. Modified from here.
  • The routes for Perseus. These will configure an existing Warp instance to run Perseus, and should be provided after any other routes, as they include a wildcard route.