Struct peresil::Progress[][src]

pub struct Progress<P, T, E> { pub point: P, pub status: Status<T, E>, }

Tracks where the parser currently is and if it is successful.

On success, some value has been parsed. On failure, nothing has been parsed and the value indicates the reason for the failure. The returned point indicates where to next start parsing, often unchanged on failure.


The current location.

If the point indicates the location of a successful or failed parse.


impl<P, T, E> Progress<P, T, E>

Convert the success value, if there is one.

Convert the success value, if there is one, potentially converting into a failure.

Convert the failure value, if there is one.

Returns the value on success, or rewinds the point and returns None on failure.

Trait Implementations

impl<P: Debug, T: Debug, E: Debug> Debug for Progress<P, T, E>

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impl<P: Copy, T: Copy, E: Copy> Copy for Progress<P, T, E>

impl<P: Clone, T: Clone, E: Clone> Clone for Progress<P, T, E>

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impl<P: PartialEq, T: PartialEq, E: PartialEq> PartialEq for Progress<P, T, E>

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This method tests for !=.

Auto Trait Implementations

impl<P, T, E> Send for Progress<P, T, E> where
    E: Send,
    P: Send,
    T: Send

impl<P, T, E> Sync for Progress<P, T, E> where
    E: Sync,
    P: Sync,
    T: Sync