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This library contains everything you need to setup a grammar-based fuzzer.

It consists of

  • frontend: Load grammars of different formats. Currently, the Gramatron and Peacock format are supported.

  • backend: Use the loaded grammar to do whatever you want. Current backends are

    • C: Generate a grammar-based mutator in C
    • json: Convert loaded grammar(s) into peacock format
    • interpreter: Generate inputs by interpreting a grammar

    but you can easily write your own.

  • runtime: LibAFL components that you can use in your fuzzer to realize grammar-based mutations.


This library supports grammar files in two formats:

  1. Gramatron format for backwards compatibility
  2. Its own “peacock format”, which is documented in the README of this project

§Getting Started

The first step always is to load grammars. To do this use the ContextFreeGrammar::builder() method that will give you access to a GrammarBuilder like this:

// Load multiple grammars by joining their rules:
let grammar = ContextFreeGrammar::builder()
    // Load a grammar in peacock format
    // Or a grammar in gramatron format
    // Set the entrypoint

Then, you can plug the grammar into one of the provided backends:

backends::C::CGenerator::new().generate("output-file.c", &grammar);
// or
backends::json::JsonGenerator::new().generate("output-file.json", &grammar);
// or
backends::interpreter::GrammarInterpreter::new(&grammar).interpret(&mut io::stdout());

And that’s it.

§Feature Flags

  • components: Include LibAFL components in this library. On by default.
  • static-loading: Activate this if you want to compile the generated C code into the fuzzer. For more details see the documentation of the components.
  • debug-codegen: This affects the C backend and inserts calls to printf() at the beginning of every generated function to help troubleshooting.


  • This module has all the available backends.
  • This module contains LibAFL components that can interact with the generated code of the C backend.
  • This module contains various error types.
  • This is the frontend that loads grammars.