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Driver for a PS/2 PC keyboard.

Supports PS/2 Scan Code Set 1 and 2, on a variety of keyboard layouts. See the OSDev Wiki.

There are three basic steps to handling keyboard input. Your application may bypass some of these.

  • Ps2Decoder - converts 11-bit PS/2 words into bytes, removing the start/stop bits and checking the parity bits. Only needed if you talk to the PS/2 keyboard over GPIO pins and not required if you talk to the i8042 PC keyboard controller.
  • ScancodeSet - converts from Scancode Set 1 (i8042 PC keyboard controller) or Scancode Set 2 (raw PS/2 keyboard output) into a symbolic KeyCode and an up/down KeyState.
  • EventDecoder - converts symbolic KeyCode and KeyState into a Unicode characters (where possible) according to the currently selected KeyboardLayout.

There is also Keyboard which combines the above three functions into a single object.


Implements the various keyboard layouts.


Converts KeyEvents into Unicode, according to the current Keyboard Layout
A event describing something happen to a key on your keyboard.
Encapsulates decode/sampling logic, and handles state transitions and key events.
The set of modifier keys you have on a keyboard.
Handles decoding of IBM PS/2 Keyboard (and IBM PC/AT Keyboard) bit-streams.
Contains the implementation of Scancode Set 1.
Contains the implementation of Scancode Set 2.


Contains either a Unicode character, or a raw key code.
Indicates different error conditions.
Options for how we can handle what happens when the Ctrl key is held down and a letter is pressed.
Keycodes that can be generated by a keyboard.
The new state for a key, as part of a key event.


Describes a Keyboard Layout.
A mechanism to convert bytes from a Keyboard into KeyCode values.