[][src]Struct parking_lot::RawRwLock

pub struct RawRwLock { /* fields omitted */ }

Raw reader-writer lock type backed by the parking lot.

Trait Implementations

impl RawRwLock for RawRwLock[src]

type GuardMarker = GuardNoSend

Marker type which determines whether a lock guard should be Send. Use one of the GuardSend or GuardNoSend helper types here. Read more

impl RawRwLockDowngrade for RawRwLock[src]

impl RawRwLockFair for RawRwLock[src]

impl RawRwLockRecursive for RawRwLock[src]

impl RawRwLockRecursiveTimed for RawRwLock[src]

impl RawRwLockTimed for RawRwLock[src]

type Duration = Duration

Duration type used for try_lock_for.

type Instant = Instant

Instant type used for try_lock_until.

impl RawRwLockUpgrade for RawRwLock[src]

impl RawRwLockUpgradeDowngrade for RawRwLock[src]

impl RawRwLockUpgradeFair for RawRwLock[src]

impl RawRwLockUpgradeTimed for RawRwLock[src]

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