[][src]Trait parallel_stream::IntoParallelStream

pub trait IntoParallelStream {
    type Item: Send;
    type IntoParStream: ParallelStream<Item = Self::Item>;
    fn into_par_stream(self) -> Self::IntoParStream;

Conversion into a ParallelStream.

Associated Types

type Item: Send

The type of the elements being iterated over.

type IntoParStream: ParallelStream<Item = Self::Item>

Which kind of stream are we turning this into?

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Required methods

fn into_par_stream(self) -> Self::IntoParStream

Creates a parallel stream from a value.

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Implementations on Foreign Types

impl<T: Send + Sync + 'static> IntoParallelStream for Vec<T>[src]

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impl<I: ParallelStream> IntoParallelStream for I[src]

type Item = I::Item

type IntoParStream = I

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