Crate pallet_xcm_bridge_hub_router

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Pallet that may be used instead of SovereignPaidRemoteExporter in the XCM router configuration. The main thing that the pallet offers is the dynamic message fee, that is computed based on the bridge queues state. It starts exponentially increasing if the queue between this chain and the sibling/child bridge hub is congested.

All other bridge hub queues offer some backpressure mechanisms. So if at least one of all queues is congested, it will eventually lead to the growth of the queue at this chain.

A note on terminology: when we mention the bridge hub here, we mean the chain that has the messages pallet deployed (pallet-bridge-grandpa, pallet-bridge-messages, pallet-xcm-bridge-hub, …). It may be the system bridge hub parachain or any other chain.



  • The pallet module in each FRAME pallet hosts the most important items needed to construct this pallet.
  • Autogenerated weights for pallet_xcm_bridge_hub_router


  • Maximal size of the XCM message that may be sent over bridge.
  • The target that will be used when publishing logs related to this pallet.