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§Tipping Pallet ( pallet-tips )

NOTE: This pallet is tightly coupled with pallet-treasury.

A subsystem to allow for an agile “tipping” process, whereby a reward may be given without first having a pre-determined stakeholder group come to consensus on how much should be paid.

A group of Tippers is determined through the config Config. After half of these have declared some amount that they believe a particular reported reason deserves, then a countdown period is entered where any remaining members can declare their tip amounts also. After the close of the countdown period, the median of all declared tips is paid to the reported beneficiary, along with any finders fee, in case of a public (and bonded) original report.


Tipping protocol:

  • Tipping: The process of gathering declarations of amounts to tip and taking the median amount to be transferred from the treasury to a beneficiary account.
  • Tip Reason: The reason for a tip; generally a URL which embodies or explains why a particular individual (identified by an account ID) is worthy of a recognition by the treasury.
  • Finder: The original public reporter of some reason for tipping.
  • Finders Fee: Some proportion of the tip amount that is paid to the reporter of the tip, rather than the main beneficiary.


§Dispatchable Functions

Tipping protocol:

  • report_awesome - Report something worthy of a tip and register for a finders fee.
  • retract_tip - Retract a previous (finders fee registered) report.
  • tip_new - Report an item worthy of a tip and declare a specific amount to tip.
  • tip - Declare or redeclare an amount to tip for a particular reason.
  • close_tip - Close and pay out a tip.



  • The pallet module in each FRAME pallet hosts the most important items needed to construct this pallet.
  • Autogenerated weights for pallet_tips


  • An open tipping “motion”. Retains all details of a tip including information on the finder and the members who have voted.

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