[][src]Struct pakr_mio_signalfd::SigInfo

#[repr(C)]pub struct SigInfo {
    pub ssi_signo: u32,
    pub ssi_errno: i32,
    pub ssi_code: i32,
    pub ssi_pid: u32,
    pub ssi_uid: u32,
    pub ssi_fd: i32,
    pub ssi_tid: u32,
    pub ssi_band: u32,
    pub ssi_overrun: u32,
    pub ssi_trapno: u32,
    pub ssi_status: i32,
    pub ssi_int: i32,
    pub ssi_ptr: u64,
    pub ssi_utime: u64,
    pub ssi_stime: u64,
    pub ssi_addr: u64,
    pub ssi_addr_lsb: u16,
    pub ssi_syscall: i32,
    pub ssi_call_addr: u64,
    pub ssi_arch: u32,
    // some fields omitted


ssi_signo: u32ssi_errno: i32ssi_code: i32ssi_pid: u32ssi_uid: u32ssi_fd: i32ssi_tid: u32ssi_band: u32ssi_overrun: u32ssi_trapno: u32ssi_status: i32ssi_int: i32ssi_ptr: u64ssi_utime: u64ssi_stime: u64ssi_addr: u64ssi_addr_lsb: u16ssi_syscall: i32ssi_call_addr: u64ssi_arch: u32

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for signalfd_siginfo[src]

impl Copy for signalfd_siginfo[src]

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