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pacmog is a decoding library for PCM files for embedded environments.

Rust has an include_bytes! macro to embed the byte sequence in the program.
Using it, PCM files can be embedded in firmware and used for playback.


Read a sample WAV file.

use pacmog::PcmReader;

let wav = include_bytes!("../tests/resources/Sine440Hz_1ch_48000Hz_16.wav");                        
let reader = PcmReader::new(wav);
let specs = reader.get_pcm_specs();
let num_samples = specs.num_samples;
let num_channels = specs.num_channels as u32;

println!("PCM info: {:?}", specs);

for sample in 0..num_samples {
    for channel in 0..num_channels {
        let sample_value = reader.read_sample(channel, sample).unwrap();
        println!("{}", sample_value);



  • High level of organized players for LinearPCM (WAVE or AIFF) file.
  • Reads low level information and Data chunks from the PCM file.
  • Basic information on the PCM file.