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Calls a function with self.
ie. a.loose_map(b) = b(a).

Declares a trait/method similar to std::iter::Iterator::map, where any type that is the sole argument for a function can be called into such function.

ps. I called this “being mapped into such function” but I don’t know if this is correct.

Example with Loosen

This is an example of usage with the loosen attr derive macro.

use loosen::loose;
use ow::LooseMap;
fn fa(a: A, b: B) -> bool { true }

// normal call
assert!(fa(A, B));

// loose call, available from the `loosen` crate
assert!(fa_loose((A, B)));

// loose_map with loose call
assert!((A, B).loose_map(fa_loose));
// ie. from the argument (or loosened arguments),
// you may call some function (or loosened function)