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All types in the orchard crate, unless otherwise specified, are Orchard-specific types. For example, Address is documented as being a shielded payment address; we implicitly mean it is an Orchard payment address (as opposed to e.g. a Sapling payment address, which is also shielded).



  • Logic for building Orchard components of transactions.
  • Structs related to bundles of Orchard actions.
  • The Orchard Action circuit implementation.
  • Key structures for Orchard.
  • Data structures used for note construction.
  • In-band secret distribution for Orchard bundles.
  • Primitives used in the Orchard protocol.
  • Types related to Orchard note commitment trees and anchors.
  • Monetary values within the Orchard shielded pool.
  • Key structures for Orchard.


  • An action applied to the global ledger.
  • A shielded payment address.