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To get started, construct an Entry object.


pub use sys;



Android Thread Types - see XrAndroidThreadTypeKHR

Entry point to the API. Start here.

A subset of known extensions

eye visibility selector - see XrEyeVisibility

Result of method calls on FrameWaiter

Handle for managing frame presentation

Handle for waiting to render a frame

Tag for haptic output actions

Root object mediating an application’s interaction with OpenXR

Extensions used internally by the bindings

An error encountered while loading entry points from a dynamic library at run time

Enums to track objects of various types - see XrObjectType

A rendering session using a particular graphics API G

Structure type enumerant - see XrStructureType

A set of images to be rendered to using a particular graphics API G

Mesh obtained from Session::get_visibility_mask


Type parameter for graphics API agnostic Sessions

The OpenGL graphics API

The Vulkan graphics API



Static dispatch for OpenXR graphics bindings

Type Definitions

An array of HandJointLocations, one for each HandJoint.

An array of HandJointVelocitys, one for each HandJoint.