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Collision Avoidance Path Planning for robotics in Rust-lang. This starts as a copy of gear crate.



Code example

minimum code example

use std::{path::Path, sync::Arc};

use k::nalgebra as na;
use ncollide3d::shape::Compound;
use openrr_planner::FromUrdf;

fn main() {
    let urdf_path = Path::new("sample.urdf");
    let robot = Arc::new(k::Chain::from_urdf_file(urdf_path).unwrap());

    // Create path planner with loading urdf file and set end link name
    let planner = openrr_planner::JointPathPlannerBuilder::from_urdf_file(urdf_path)
        .expect("failed to create planner from urdf file")
    // Create inverse kinematics solver
    let solver = openrr_planner::JacobianIkSolver::default();
    let solver = openrr_planner::RandomInitializeIkSolver::new(solver, 100);
    // Create path planner with IK solver
    let mut planner = openrr_planner::JointPathPlannerWithIk::new(planner, solver);
    let target_name = "l_tool_fixed";
    // Create obstacles
    let obstacles = Compound::from_urdf_file("obstacles.urdf").expect("obstacle file not found");

    // Set IK target transformation
    let mut ik_target_pose = na::Isometry3::from_parts(
        na::Translation3::new(0.40, 0.20, 0.3),
        na::UnitQuaternion::from_euler_angles(0.0, -0.1, 0.0),
    // Plan the path, path is the vector of joint angles for root to target_name
    let plan1 = planner
        .plan_with_ik(target_name, &ik_target_pose, &obstacles)
    println!("plan1 = {plan1:?}");

    // Apply plan1 to the reference robot (regarded as the real robot)
    let arm = k::Chain::from_end(robot.find(target_name).unwrap());

    // Plan the path from previous result
    ik_target_pose.translation.vector[2] += 0.50;
    let plan2 = planner
        .plan_with_ik(target_name, &ik_target_pose, &obstacles)
    println!("plan2 = {plan2:?}");

Run example with GUI

How to run

cargo run --release --example reach

GUI control

  • Up/Down/Left/Right/f/b to translate IK target
  • Shift + Up/Down/Left/Right/f/b to rotate IK target
  • type g to move the end of the arm to the target
  • type i to just solve inverse kinematics for the target without collision check
  • type r to set random pose
  • type c to check collision
  • type v to toggle shown element collision<->visual

Use your robot

The example can handle any urdf files (sample.urdf is used as default). It requires the name of the target end link name.

cargo run --release --example reach YOUR_URDF_FILE_PATH END_LINK_NAME

For example,

cargo run --release --example reach $(rospack find pr2_description)/robots/pr2.urdf.xacro l_gripper_palm_link


Universal Robot: UR10
cargo run --release --example reach $(rospack find ur_description)/urdf/ur10_robot.urdf.xacro ee_link

Sawyer movie

cargo run --release --example reach $(rospack find sawyer_description)/urdf/sawyer.urdf right_hand

UR5 movie


Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.




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