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Group API for MLS

This module contains the API to interact with groups.



  • 8.1 Group Context
  • Group epoch. Internally this is stored as a u64. The group epoch is incremented with every valid Commit that is merged into the group state.
  • A group ID. The group ID is chosen by the creator of the group and should be globally unique.
  • A MlsGroup represents an MLS group with a high-level API. The API exposes high level functions to manage a group by adding/removing members, get the current member list, etc.
  • Specifies the configuration parameters for a MlsGroup. Refer to the User Manual for more information about the different configuration values.
  • Builder for an MlsGroupConfig.
  • A ProposalStore can store the standalone proposals that are received from the DS in between two commit messages.
  • This struct holds all public values of an MLS group.
  • A queued Add proposal
  • Alternative representation of a Proposal, where the sender is extracted from the encapsulating PublicMessage and the ProposalRef is attached.
  • A queued PresharedKey proposal
  • A queued Remove proposal
  • A queued Update proposal
  • Contains the changes from a commit to the group state.
  • Defines what wire format is desired for outgoing handshake messages. Note that application messages must always be encrypted.