• An OpenMetrics Exemplar (that is also valid in Prometheus) Exemplars are references to data outside of the MetricSet. A common use case are IDs of program traces. Exemplars MUST consist of a LabelSet and a value, and MAY have a timestamp. They MAY each be different from the MetricPoints’ LabelSet and timestamp. The combined length of the label names and values of an Exemplar’s LabelSet MUST NOT exceed 128 UTF-8 characters. Other characters in the text rendering of an exemplar such as “,= are not included in this limit for implementation simplicity and for consistency between the text and proto formats.
  • A MetricFamily is a collection of metrics with the same type, name, and label names A MetricFamily MAY have zero or more Metrics. A MetricFamily MUST have a name, HELP, TYPE, and UNIT metadata. Every Metric within a MetricFamily MUST have a unique LabelSet.
  • Exposition is the top level object of the parser. It’s a collection of metric families, indexed by name



Type Aliases