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An open source Rust high performance cryptocurrency trading API with support for multiple exchanges and language wrappers. Focused in safety, correctness and speed.

Project goals

This is an ambitious project that seeks to create a new industry standard API implementation for secure, correct and high performance cryptocurrency trading. It is initially focused on spot exchanges as a method to define how initial data structures and project architecture should be to allow zero cost abstractions around the exchanges’ peculiarities. So initial project goals are:

  • Based on Rust, memory safe by default.
  • Support for websockets and user defined networking.
  • Thin layer wrappers for Java, C#, Python and Node.js
  • Easy to add support for additional exchanges.
  • Open-source only, now and forever.

Future goals are:

  • Support for futures trading
  • Support for options trading
  • WASM compilation allowing it to be embedded in static web pages

Warning: the project is still in development and a lot of breaking changes are being made.


There is a project slack, click here to join.


In order to run the tests you will have to provide environment variables for the sandbox API of the exchanges, you can use environment variables or use a .env file.


We invite industry participants to join us in sponsoring a new high quality open source standard for crypto trading APIs. Nash is dedicating a maintainer and initial rewards for external contributors that close issues. Look for the wiki rewards table and for reward size labels on open issues.


This module contains all the implemented exchanges.

This module provides models that are used in the openlimits-exchange module

This module contains some Traits and Structs that are frequently used.


Can be used to initiate exchanges