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Rust implementation for OSM Opening Hours

Python bindings can be found here

A Rust library for parsing and working with OSM’s opening hours field. You can find its specification here and the reference JS library here.

Note that the specification is quite messy and that the JS library takes liberty to extend it quite a lot. This means that most of the real world data don’t actually comply to the very restrictive grammar detailed in the official specification. This library tries to fit with the real world data while remaining as close as possible to the core specification.


Add this to your Cargo.toml:

opening-hours = "0"

Here’s a simple example that parse an opening hours description and displays its current status and date for next change:

use chrono::Local;
use opening_hours::OpeningHours;

// Opens until 18pm during the week and until 12am the week-end.
const OH: &str = "Mo-Fr 10:00-18:00; Sa-Su 10:00-12:00";

fn main() {
    let oh = OpeningHours::parse(&OH).unwrap();
    let date = Local::now().naive_local();
    println!("Current status is {:?}", oh.state(date).unwrap());
    println!("This will change at {:?}", oh.next_change(date).unwrap());

Supported features


A public holiday database is loaded using Python library workalendar. You should refer to Python library for more information on which countries are supported.

Holidays are not loaded beyond year 2100 to avoid having a huge binary.


If you are only interested in parsing expressions but not on the evaluation or if you want to build your own evaluation engine, you should probably rely on the opening-hours-syntax crate.