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A synchronous client for the PostgreSQL database.


use opengauss::{Client, NoTls};

let mut client = Client::connect("host=localhost user=postgres password=openGauss#2023", NoTls)?;

    CREATE TABLE person (
        id      SERIAL PRIMARY KEY,
        name    TEXT NOT NULL,
        data    BYTEA

let name = "Ferris";
let data = None::<&[u8]>;
    "INSERT INTO person (name, data) VALUES ($1, $2)",
    &[&name, &data],

for row in client.query("SELECT id, name, data FROM person", &[])? {
    let id: i32 = row.get(0);
    let name: &str = row.get(1);
    let data: Option<&[u8]> = row.get(2);

    println!("found person: {} {} {:?}", id, name, data);


This crate is a lightweight wrapper over tokio-postgres. The postgres::Client is simply a wrapper around a tokio_opengauss::Client along side a tokio Runtime. The client simply blocks on the futures provided by the async client.

SSL/TLS support

TLS support is implemented via external libraries. Client::connect and Config::connect take a TLS implementation as an argument. The NoTls type in this crate can be used when TLS is not required. Otherwise, the opengauss-openssl and opengauss-native-tls crates provide implementations backed by the openssl and native-tls crates, respectively.


The following features can be enabled from Cargo.toml:

FeatureDescriptionExtra dependenciesDefault
with-bit-vec-0_6Enable support for the bit-vec crate.bit-vec 0.6no
with-chrono-0_4Enable support for the chrono crate.chrono 0.4no
with-eui48-0_4Enable support for the 0.4 version of the eui48 crate.eui48 0.4no
with-eui48-1Enable support for the 1.0 version of the eui48 crate.eui48 1.0no
with-geo-types-0_6Enable support for the 0.6 version of the geo-types crate.geo-types 0.6no
with-geo-types-0_7Enable support for the 0.7 version of the geo-types crate.geo-types 0.7no
with-serde_json-1Enable support for the serde_json crate.serde_json 1.0no
with-uuid-0_8Enable support for the uuid crate.uuid 0.8no
with-time-0_2Enable support for the time crate.time 0.2no






  • A trait allowing abstraction over connections and transactions.
  • A trait abstracting over prepared and unprepared statements.