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This is the official Rust package for OpenFeature. Check OpenFeature website for the background. Check its README for examples.



  • The OpenFeature client. Create it through the [OpenFeature] struct.
  • The metadata of OpenFeature client.
  • The evaluation context provides ambient information for the purposes of flag evaluation. Contextual data may be used as the basis for targeting, including rule-based evaluation, overrides for specific subjects, or fractional flag evaluation.
  • The result of the flag evaluation process, and made available in the detailed flag resolution functions.
  • Struct representing error
  • Contain hooks.
  • A structure which supports definition of arbitrary properties, with keys of type string, and values of type boolean, string, or number.
  • THE struct of the OpenFeature API. Access it via the [SINGLETON] instance.
  • Represent a structure value as defined in the spec.


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