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olpc-cjson provides a serde_json::Formatter to serialize data as canonical JSON, as defined by OLPC and used in TUF.

OLPC’s canonical JSON specification is subtly different from other “canonical JSON” specifications, and is also not a strict subset of JSON (specifically, ASCII control characters 0x00–0x1f are printed literally, which is not valid JSON). Therefore, serde_json cannot necessarily deserialize JSON produced by this formatter.

This crate is not developed or endorsed by OLPC; use of the term is solely to distinguish this specification of canonical JSON from other specifications of canonical JSON.

use olpc_cjson::CanonicalFormatter;
use serde::Serialize;
use serde_json::json;

let value = json!({"b": 12, "a": "qwerty"});
let mut buf = Vec::new();
let mut ser = serde_json::Serializer::with_formatter(&mut buf, CanonicalFormatter::new());
value.serialize(&mut ser).unwrap();
assert_eq!(buf, br#"{"a":"qwerty","b":12}"#);