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Core types of the Ockam library.

This crate contains the core types of the Ockam library and is intended for use by other crates that provide features and add-ons to the main Ockam library.

The main Ockam crate re-exports types defined in this crate.


pub extern crate async_trait;
pub extern crate hashbrown;
pub extern crate hex;
pub use traits::*;


A facade around the various collections and primitives needed when using “std”, “no_std + alloc” or “no_std” targets.

Module for custom implementation of standard traits.

Core types and traits of the Ockam vault.


Prints to the standard output, with a newline.

Creates a Route containing the arguments.


A generic component address

An error which is returned when address parsing from string fails

A collection of Addresses

A passthrough marker message type

The type of errors returned by Ockam functions.

Ockam Routing LocalInfo - metadata that can travel only inside one Ockam Node

LocalMessage is a message type that is routed locally within one node.

Access Control that doesn’t allow all messages to pass through

Access Control that allows any message to pass through

A user-defined protocol identifier

Message that is meant to be sent between workers if Error-handling is needed.

A full route to a peer

Utility type to build and manipulate routes

A message wrapper that stores message route information

A generic transport message

UInt that supports serde_bare serialization as uint (opposed to rust fixed-size integers)


Enum to store the cause of address parsing failure

A routing specific error type

A command message for router implementations


Access control

Decode a slice.

Encode the type into an Encoded type.

A user defined message that can be serialised and deserialized

Base ockam processor trait.

Base ockam worker trait.


Produces Ok(true), which reads confusingly in auth code.

Produces Ok(false), which reads confusingly in auth code.

Type Definitions

Alias of the type used for encoded data.

The type returned by Ockam functions.

Attribute Macros

Derive Macros

Custom derive for the ockam_core::AsyncTryClone trait.

Implements Message trait for a type.