[][src]Struct ocarina::parser::Parser

pub struct Parser { /* fields omitted */ }


impl Parser[src]

pub fn new(query: String) -> Parser[src]

init a parser, that is working with a single query TODO access the need for changing or modifing the query inside the parser from some public methods, in order to just have one parser that can be used multiple times.

pub fn set_new_query(&mut self, new_query: String)[src]

Overwrite the current values in order to process a new query this includes the vectors as well as the set query. TODO check the "runtime complexity"

pub fn split_query(&mut self)[src]

split the query based on the white space in between. Will later be further processed in in order to generate a realtion between used keywords and their trailing data.

pub fn find_keywords(&mut self)[src]

search for keywords and their index in the query, so that we can split the query apart based on the keywords position and its following arguments.

Calls build_expressions_from_keywords in order to combine the keyword with the data to an


Auto Trait Implementations

impl Send for Parser

impl Sync for Parser

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