Crate obsidian_export

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pub extern crate pulldown_cmark;
pub extern crate serde_yaml;


A collection of officially maintained postprocessors.


Context holds metadata about a note which is being parsed.
Exporter provides the main interface to this library.
WalkOptions specifies how an Obsidian vault directory is scanned for eligible files to export.


ExportError represents all errors which may be returned when using this crate.
Available strategies for the inclusion of frontmatter in notes.
Emitted by Postprocessors to signal the next action to take.


vault_contents returns all of the files in an Obsidian vault located at path which would be exported when using the given WalkOptions.

Type Definitions

YAML front matter from an Obsidian note.
A series of markdown Events that are generated while traversing an Obsidian markdown note.
A post-processing function that is to be called after an Obsidian note has been fully parsed and converted to regular markdown syntax.