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Encrypted backups.

Obnam is a backup program that encrypts the backups. This crate provides access to all the functionality of Obnam as a library.


Measure accumulated time for various operations.

Progress bars for Obnam.

Why was a file backed up?

Run one backup.

Chunks of data.

Split file data into chunks.

The identifier for a chunk.

Metadata about a chunk.

Encryption cipher algorithms.

Client to the Obnam server HTTP API.

Subcommand implementations.

Client configuration.

A database abstraction around SQLite for Obnam.

Database abstraction for generations.

Engine for doing CPU heavy work in the background.

Errors from Obnam client.

An entry in the file system.

Iterate over directory tree.

Backup generations of various kinds.

A list of generations on the server.

Backup generations metadata.

An on-disk index of chunks for the server.

An indexed, on-disk store for chunks on the server.

A chunk label.

Passwords for encryption.

Performance measurements from an Obnam run.

Policy for what gets backed up.

Database schema versions.

Stuff related to the Obnam chunk server.

Store chunks on-disk on server.

A queue of work for crate::engine::Engine.