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§Oblivious Transfer (OT), Oblivious Transfer Extensions (OTE) and multi-party protocols based on that.

§Oblivious Transfer protocols

  1. Simplest OT protocol
  2. Naor Pinkas OT
  3. Endemic OT

§Oblivious Transfer Extensions

  1. ALSZ
  2. KOS

§Oblivious Transfer based multiplication

  1. DKLS18 - 2 party multiplication of where each party has a single input
  2. DKLS19 - 2 party batch-multiplication of where each party has multiple inputs, say n inputs and those inputs will be multiplied, i.e. a total of 2*n multiplications will be done with each being between 2 inputs



  • A bit matrix stored in row-major order, i.e. the first byte has the first 8 bits, second byte has next 8 bits, and so on.

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