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§About the generated framework crates

The objc2 project provides (mostly) autogenerated interfaces to Apple’s Objective-C frameworks like AppKit, Foundation, Metal, WebKit, and so on.

The bindings currently contain very little documentation, you should view Apple’s developer documentation for detailed information about each API. (There are plans for importing that documentation here).

These crates uses objc2 to declare the external interface to the Objective-C classes and protocols. It is highly recommended that you read the documentation here for details on how the Objective-C interop works.

They also use block2::Block in the public API, check out the documentation for the block2 crate for how to call such methods using a closure.

§Currently supported versions

  • macOS: 10.12-14.5
  • iOS/iPadOS: 10.0-17.5 (WIP)
  • tvOS: 10.0-17.5 (WIP)
  • watchOS: 5.0-10.5 (WIP)
  • visionOS: 1.0-1.2 (WIP)

These bindings are currently generated from the SDKs in Xcode 15.4. The Xcode version will be periodically updated.