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§Objective-C type-encoding

The Objective-C directive @encode encodes types as strings, and this is used in various places in the runtime.

This crate provides the Encoding type to describe and compare these type-encodings, and the EncodingBox type which does the same, except it can be parsed from an encoding at runtime.

The types from this crate is exported under the objc2 crate as objc2::encode, so usually you would use it from there.


Parse an encoding from a string and compare it to a known encoding.

use objc2_encode::{Encoding, EncodingBox};
let s = "{s=i}";
let enc = Encoding::Struct("s", &[Encoding::Int]);
let parsed: EncodingBox = s.parse()?;
assert_eq!(enc.to_string(), s);

§Further resources


  • The error that was encountered while parsing an encoding string.