pub trait InterpState: Statewhere
    Self: Sized,
    DefaultAllocator: Allocator<f64, Self::Size> + Allocator<f64, Self::Size, Self::Size> + Allocator<f64, Self::VecLength>,
{ fn params() -> Vec<StateParameter>Notable traits for Vec<u8, A>impl<A> Write for Vec<u8, A>where
    A: Allocator,
; fn set_value_and_deriv(
        &mut self,
        param: &StateParameter,
        value: f64,
        value_dt: f64
    ) -> Result<(), NyxError>; fn value_and_deriv(
        param: &StateParameter
    ) -> Result<(f64, f64), NyxError> { ... } fn deriv(&self, param: &StateParameter) -> Result<f64, NyxError> { ... } }

Required Methods

Return the parameters in order

Sets the requested parameter

Provided Methods

Return the requested parameter and its time derivative

Return the time derivative requested parameter