[][src]Trait num_traits::cast::NumCast

pub trait NumCast: Sized + ToPrimitive {
    fn from<T: ToPrimitive>(n: T) -> Option<Self>;

An interface for casting between machine scalars.

Required methods

fn from<T: ToPrimitive>(n: T) -> Option<Self>

Creates a number from another value that can be converted into a primitive via the ToPrimitive trait. If the source value cannot be represented by the target type, then None is returned.

A value can be represented by the target type when it lies within the range of scalars supported by the target type. For example, a negative integer cannot be represented by an unsigned integer type, and an i64 with a very high magnitude might not be convertible to an i32. On the other hand, conversions with possible precision loss or truncation are admitted, like an f32 with a decimal part to an integer type, or even a large f64 saturating to f32 infinity.

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Implementations on Foreign Types

impl NumCast for u8[src]

impl NumCast for u16[src]

impl NumCast for u32[src]

impl NumCast for u64[src]

impl NumCast for u128[src]

impl NumCast for usize[src]

impl NumCast for i8[src]

impl NumCast for i16[src]

impl NumCast for i32[src]

impl NumCast for i64[src]

impl NumCast for i128[src]

impl NumCast for isize[src]

impl NumCast for f32[src]

impl NumCast for f64[src]

impl<T: NumCast> NumCast for Wrapping<T>[src]

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