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This crate provides an interface to the nScope


This crate is on and can be used by adding nscope to the dependencies in your project’s Cargo.toml.


extern crate nscope;
use nscope::LabBench;

fn main() {
    // Create a LabBench
    let bench = LabBench::new().expect("Cannot create LabBench");

    // Print the bench to show a list of detected nScopes
    println!("{:?}", bench);

    // Open an nScope
    let nscope = bench.open_first_available(true).expect("Cannot open nScope");

    // Turn on analog output channel A1

    // Trigger an auto-triggered sweep of 20 samples at 4.0 Hz sample rate
    let sweep_handle = nscope.request(4.0, 20, None);

    // Loop through the received data, blocking on each sample until it arrives
    for sample in sweep_handle.receiver {
        // Print the sample data

    // Turn off the analog output channel A1



  • Interface to a single scope channel
  • Interface to an analog output channel
  • A representation of all the nScopes plugged into a computer
  • Primary interface to the nScope, used to set outputs, trigger sweeps of input data on scope channels, and monitor power state
  • A detected link between the computer and an nScope, used to open and retrieve an nScope
  • Information about the power supply status of nScope
  • Interface to a pulse output channel
  • Voltage information from all open channels at a given time
  • Handle to an ongoing data sweep, holds received data from nScope
  • A representation of a trigger used to start a data sweep



  • Returns the current version of the nScope API